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Dating With Intention Not Intensity

Being purposeful is admirable. Being restrictive can be off-putting. What kind of dater are you? When we as humans are goal setting and results-oriented in our professional and personal life, does it appropriately transfer to our dating style? Can humans control everything? Is there a higher power at work to make things come true for you, sometimes even greater than the goals you had set for yourself? Do you believe in the difference between purpose and power?

Seeking: Interesting and Interested

Sure, it’s true when Certified Matchmakers interview an eligible single, we cover all the parameters - age range, height, body type, education, career. You bet. But then we take it a step further and dig deeper than an online dating website or app ever could. We drill down to the most compatible factors or indicators: key qualities and values. After eight years and thousands of interviews, a single phrase stands out to me as the most striking descriptor. An eligible single said to me just days ago, “I'm seeking interesting and interested” and a light bulb went off.

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Testimonials »"I do understand the realism of looking for the right guy and going past physical perfection. All of the men have been decent quality guys; I think you have vetted well. So my hope is still up for finding the right person."- Texas Bachelor, 36
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Philosophy #2

You deserve your person, whatever that looks like to you.

- Tammy Shaklee