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What Our Clients Are Saying

Thanks for always being so amazing! I truly appreciate your patience, flexibility, and caring.

California Bachelor, 68

This has been well worth the financial investment, tenfold.

Washington DC Bachelorette, 49

I have met more quality ladies during my time with H4M than with years of online dating.

New York Bachelorette, 55

You guys are such good supporters. This whole process has made such a difference in my life.

North Carolina Bachelor, 41

I simply love your whole team, value them, and I appreciate all the work on my behalf. It truly shows.

Illinois Bachelorette, 43

I value all of you and really appreciate how you always look out for me!

California Bachelorette, 37

We have a lot in common and he seems like a very good guy! I’m sure we’ll continue talking and see where it goes from here. I will keep you posted!

Colorado Bachelor, 57

We were there over two hours and it felt like we could have talked longer. I can’t wait to see her again!

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 46

I really like him! Oh, so handsome. He’s hitting all my buttons!

Texas Bachelor, 39

It was an absolute pleasure talking to Tammy. I enjoyed the interview, and can tell she cares.

Texas Bachelor, 58

I think the date went really well! We had a really great conversation and shared some fantastic family stories. I hope to meet him again soon.

Georgia Bachelor, 43

We met the next day again and took a beautiful stroll in the city. What a catch!

Minnesota Bachelorette, 41

The date was great, wonderful actually. Tons of things to talk about, engaging conversation, a homerun for sure.

California Bachelorette, 69

A perfectly well-balanced night with such a stimulating, attractive, quality woman.

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 38

I think about our meeting every day! I happened to meet a guy who lives in San Antonio. We went on one date and it was great. I took a lot of what you said about first dates in mind, and he wants another one, so we’ll see what happens!

Texas Bachelor, 33

Thank you so much for all you do. This has been a great experience.

Virginia Bachelor, 46

He was most handsome bachelor! Wow!

California Bachelor, 44

The date felt very natural sharing appetizers and a glass of wine. The time flew by and ended with a kiss and hug. Thank you, Tammy and H4M, for taking the pressure out of dating – I had a great time with a quality woman.

California Bachelorette, 30

The skills that you shared with us at that event really helped us learn how to approach men at mixers and introduce ourselves. My friend has gotten so much better at meeting men.

Texas Bachelor, 35

I really loved meeting with you all, and learned so much from you in our short meeting! Took your advice about short and sweet first dates, and going to apply that everywhere I go!

Illinois Bachelor, 25

I’ve been thinking about you two at least once a week since my birthday. I am truly ready to start a relationship that will last a lifetime, and I keep coming back to how much I think you can help me.

Texas Bachelor, 28

Thanks for everything Tammy. I am lucky to have you as a matchmaker and advocate.

Colorado Bachelor, 45

I said to her, “You're beautiful.” She responded, “Well, thank you - as are you.”

California Bachelorette, 35

It’s so good to talk to you. You are really the only person I can talk to about dating. I just feel better with every phone call.

Washington Bachelor, 40

I am so excited to be working with H4M. I love the energy and connection. I truly believe you understand me and what I am seeking.

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 40

Thank you so much. I am learning so much about myself through this process. I have enjoyed every date so far and appreciate all that you do. It's amazing.

Texas Bachelorette, 30

My match was so easy to talk to. All went incredibly well. Easy conversation. We had a whole lot in common. Tons and tons! More than I could ever imagine.

Texas Bachelor, 27

My experience was so professional and warm, that I am excited to be matched by H4M soon. Thanks again for the personal attention, as well as what you ladies are doing.

Florida Bachelor, 52

You guys are unbelievable. You just keep calling me, even when I'm having a hard time - wanting me to be happy. I just can't believe how much you care. I really appreciate it. You're too much. I get hopeful every time we talk. Thank you.

Minnesota Bachelor, 48

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are out there, and doing this for all of us. I really can’t put into words how grateful I am. I don’t go to bars, I don’t go online, I’m not very social really, and I love my job. Thank you for these introductions.

Texas Bachelorette, 50

I already invited him out again with me! I couldn’t wait - I am excited to see him again soon.

Illinois Bachelor, 40

My very good friend assured me that meeting someone through such an upstanding company as what H4M provides was a brilliant idea. He is familiar with your organization and feels your standards and ethics are exceptional.

California Bachelor, 42

H4M Matchmaking is a really great service for the LGBT community. As a woman in her 50s dating, I found the service to be professional, sophisticated, and tailored to me. I love you guys!

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 52

You did as well as we can probably do. Don’t know how ya’ll can get more specific. Gave me exactly what I wanted. It just comes down to me from here.

Texas Bachelor, 55

I just want you to know I feel blessed to have found H4M. Tammy, you are really good at this; you are good at what you do. I think it's important for you to know that.

Texas Bachelor, 33

The date lasted four hours! It was great – I found her attractive and our conversation ran so smoothly. I cannot wait to connect again!

Ohio Bachelorette, 46

After my date this weekend, and because of H4M, I am convinced there really are good, quality singles out there. Now, that’s a very good feeling! Thank you, ladies, for all you have done for me so far.

New York Bachelorette, 63

I never regret meeting any of the men H4M introduces me too. All of the men I have met were quality men. And going through the process helped me define what I want in a partner.

Texas Bachelor, 48

I do understand the realism of looking for the right guy and going past physical perfection. All of the men have been decent quality guys; I think you have vetted well. So my hope is still up for finding the right person.

Texas Bachelor, 36

I want to thank you for thinking of me in introducing me to her. I found her to be attractive, intelligent, and witty!

Florida Bachelorette, 46

I could tell from the beginning, Tammy, that you are transparent, respectful, and on top of it.

Illinois Bachelorette, 41

I have no question or doubt that you guys are wonderful and know your business. In fact I’ve sung your praises to several people already who are interested in a professional gay dating service. From our Skype interview, I’ve started back at the gym and begun to look at men in a more open light. Thank you.

Texas Bachelor, 45

I had a GREAT time. I LOVED the process of what you do, and I had a great experience overall. I told some friends and said you guys have the overall fix-up blind date process down, and it was perfect. Love to do it again.

Texas Bachelor, 35

Thank you for your call to tell me about him. Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. I look forward to meeting him (my next match).

California Bachelor, 58

I’ve met my goal and lost the weight. (90 lbs!) I’m thankful that I hired you (as my matchmaker) because it was the catalyst I needed to get back in shape, and get back to being healthy. I’m really thankful that I did it. I feel so much better. Now I’m ready.

Texas Bachelor, 33

The sparks flew! I walked her to her vehicle and hugged goodbye. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Texas Bachelorette, 42

She was like a unique French film I couldn’t stop thinking about the next day at work.

Texas Bachelorette, 33

What you do is truly changing people’s lives.

Illinois Bachelor, 37

I appreciate you more than you know.

Georgia Bachelorette, 59

I am so grateful for what you guys have done for me.

New York Bachelor , 36

I'm loving H4M!

Minnesota Bachelor, 36

It was love at first site. I have learned and grown so much.

Michigan Bachelorette, 41

This experience has been such a learning experience for me, and I thank you, Tammy, for your constant guidance and support.

New York Bachelorette, 37

Thank you, Tammy, for our in-depth discussion. I have grown so much through this experience and am truly blessed to have your relationship expertise by my side.

New York Bachelorette, 37

With you by my side, I feel confident, emotionally available, and relationship ready. Thank you immensely, Tammy.

Texas Bachelor, 36

You have taught me how to be flirtatious! Thank you, Tammy.

Georgia Bachelorette, 56

I am confident on dates now – because of you, Tammy and Ali.

Illinois Bachelor, 32

This has been well worth the financial investment. I have met more quality bachelors during my time with H4M than with years of online dating.

Texas Bachelor, 38

I can’t really find the words to express my gratitude for introducing me to him. Your insight, persistence, and kindness has forever changed my life for the better. I am deeply grateful. I will be forever indebted to you. I could never have imagined that my enrollment in H4M and meeting you would forever change my life. We both feel so very blessed.

Florida Bachelor, 44

We had such a great day date. From renting kayaks to touring a local picnic area, what a great date experience!

New York Bachelorette, 35

Whoa, when she (my match) popped in, I thought “Way to go, Tammy!”

New York Bachelorette, 34

We hit it off early on! There was so much to talk about – Tammy nailed it with this quality lady.

Louisiana Bachelorette, 38

It was a great first date. He was easy to talk to and left enough for me to want a second date with this quality bachelor.

Nebraska Bachelor, 36

The venue was great had the most gorgeous patio. Thank you, Lauri, for finding such a spectacular spot.

Minnesota Bachelorette, 46

It (the Zoom interview) was a beautiful discussion and I'm looking forward to working with Tammy.

South Carolina Bachelorette, 46

You (Tammy) are so soft, kind, and caring. It put me at ease and really let me think about the questions for my life long partner.

Washington DC Bachelor, 41

I think what you do is great, a great service.

Illinois Bachelorette, 42

Love you guys during this tough time!

California Bachelor, 39

You all (at H4M) are amazing! Your attention to detail is superb.

Texas Bachelor, 54

Every restaurant chosen was carefully thought of and executed. Lauri does a fantastic job at coordinating the date!

Washington DC Bachelor, 48

I am excited for my future with H4M Matchmaking by my side.

Florida Bachelor, 44

I am so pleased with matchmaking – it has been truly one of the best investments in myself I could have made.

California Bachelorette, 39

I'm grateful for this quality woman you introduced me to, thank you, Tammy.

Indiana Bachelorette, 57

We had a great date; he was comfortable with me and vice versa. What a quality bachelor.

Washington DC Bachelor, 41

It was wonderful to talk to you both!

Florida Bachelorette, 54

Thank you for everything; you have all been so wonderful and professional.

Illinois Bachelorette, 61

I really enjoyed speaking to Tammy today. She really made me think about what I want in a long term relationship.

New York Bachelor, 42

Place me on hold! I have found her – and it is all thanks to you. This has been the best decision I have ever made.

Florida Bachelorette, 44

You guys are the best!

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 54

Your questions affected me more than other company. I truly appreciate the depth. It is clear you are a Relationship Expert, Tammy.

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 58

Tammy and her team are pros!

Illinois Bachelorette, 51

She had the most beautiful eyes. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

Texas Bachelorette, 33

She is cute as a button! Thank you, Tammy. This has been an amazing experience.

California Bachelorette, 37

We met again the following day for a light breakfast and hike! This is more than I thought possible. Thank you, Tammy!

Georgia Bachelorette, 53

I was taken aback by her. Thank you, Tammy, for introducing me to a wonderful lady I hope to see again soon.

Massachusetts Bachelorette, 51

Perfect venue for an introduction…and what an attractive gentleman. We had such a wonderful time with so much in common, from biking, cooking, to how we grew up. I look forward to seeing him again!

Florida Bachelor, 52

He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. And how intellectual. It was a great date. Thank you, Tammy, for introducing us both. We are going to see each other again – and soon!

Ohio Bachelor, 33

Wonderful gentleman of the highest quality. It was a great lunch that lasted hours – and could have gone on longer. It was the best conversation I have had with someone in a long time.

Texas Bachelor, 66

I had a great time with Tammy and I am so excited about the opportunity to work with her. Please keep this up for all the people that need this!

Ohio Bachelor, 30

While I didn’t meet him through you, I would have never been able and ready to meet him without all you have done for me. I’m with a guy who chooses me back, has the same goals, and wants the same things.

Oklahoma Bachelor, 46

[My match and I] talk every night. It’s my birthday. I’m going there. He’s got a whole weekend planned for me. I’m taking your advice to heart; we need people in our lives that are different from us. I’ve introduced him to all of the important people in my life; all good. This could be exciting for him and me in the future.

North Carolina Bachelor, 58

He is lovely, and I’m glad I met him. And I am greatly appreciative of you arranging our first two dates.

New York Bachelor, 48

I love that you guys check in on me. I think this is a great service.

Alabama Bachelor, 55

Thanks for the time and attention and experience. I honestly sit and wait with impatient direction from God through you.

Ecuador Bachelor, 37

Headline is that I liked him and would be interested to see where this goes. In particular, I liked his sense of humor and general thoughtfulness about the world.

California Bachelor, 35

I will say, he is what I could consider a perfect match, so fantastic job there. And even if things don’t work out for us, I’m completely sold on H4M. I tell everyone about it.

Texas Bachelor, 24

Without this experience I would have never been open to meeting anyone good for me. I have grown so much since starting with you, through feedback and coaching.

Texas Bachelor, 46

Hey gals! I just want to say a huge thank you for letting me be a part of H4M :) I just got the voicemail now! Y'all are so talented and awesome.

Texas Bachelor, 35

You and the ladies are so professional and really understand what we go through in dating. I've met quality bachelors, and everyone has been great.

Mexico Bachelor, 50

I am completely sold on the matchmaking process. I am very tired of online dating, which has been very unsuccessful and unfruitful.

Ohio Bachelor, 65

(My match and I) Had a fabulous first date on Friday. He’s a great match. We exchanged numbers, and I definitely would like a second date.

Texas Bachelor, 24

Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise. I was happy to get your email this morning. Have a great day and weekend!

Texas Bachelor, 33

H4M is something that I really believe would work well for me. It is the type of coaching that I have been missing and could very well be the missing link for me as to why I am not meeting the type of men that are appropriate for me as I feel so ready to be in a relationship. Additionally, the connection I felt and the strong convictions that you have about what you are doing are so very impressive.

New York Bachelor, 43

I absolutely loved her sense of humor – I haven’t laughed so much on a first date in a long time. We were so well matched; from interests, to sense of humor, and everywhere in between. You were right about her, Tammy. Thank you for introducing us.

California Bachelorette, 45

She is smart, articulate, and attractive. The venue was perfect and our date lasted four hours. I look forward to seeing her again.

Florida Bachelorette, 40

I just want you to know this has been a great experience so far. Because of you, Tammy, I am more active in my community, more active in my lifestyle, and have gained such confidence. Thank you, Tammy @ H4M, for what promises to be a fantastic 2018.

Texas Bachelorette, 47

I want to see her again and she wants to see me again. You are the best, Tammy. Thank you for all you do for me.

Texas Bachelorette, 43

I found him to be mature and yet easy to talk to, sophisticated, and interesting. He was also attractive, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him! What a wonderful date.

Texas Bachelor, 30

There was definitely a shared chemistry between us, with a kiss at the end of the evening. I look forward to seeing him again soon. Thank you, Tammy and H4M, for this wonderful date.

New York Bachelor, 50

We had a lovely time together! The restaurant was new and trendy - we enjoyed some unique appetizers and wine pairings. We both look forward to seeing each other again.

New York Bachelor, 31

Our date was fun, exciting, and completely out of the ordinary. Playing ping pong and having a few bites was a great way to get to know her, without the anxiety of a formal date. Thank you, Tammy and H4M, for making this experience FUN - and not stressful at all.

Florida Bachelorette, 40

What a great date with a quality bachelorette! I can take it from here, Tammy. Thank you for introducing me to her.

New York Bachelorette, 44

Philosophy #7

Quality singles recognize the value in themselves.