He’s For Me

The Gay Matchmaking Service

H4M is the private, offline and personal matchmaking service designed exclusively for select gay professionals looking for long-term relationships. We work with clients throughout the United States looking for personal introductions leading to true happiness, companionship and love. As part of our matchmaking services we provide private, offline and personal interviews with you and potential dating candidates; as well as criminal background checks and acting as a human filter on your behalf.

Unlike blind dates, bar and clubs meet-ups, personals and online dating websites, we as your professional matchmakers, do the legwork in finding like-minded gay singles that match what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Our Matchmaking Process

The process is pretty easy because we do all the legwork from finding matches to setting up dates.

  • Initial Call with Your Matchmaker
  • Personal Interview
  • Matchmaking Candidate approval
  • Review of Potential Matches
  • Introductory Date Coordination
  • Post Date Follow-up
  • Second Date Coordination

For more information visit our matchmaking process page.

Why H4M?

Life is richer when shared with a long-term partner. He’s For Me is modern-day matchmaking designed exclusively for gay professionals. When we found long-term relationships through matchmaking, we realized our dear friends didn’t have the same opportunity. We identified a need and professionally designed an elite business to serve it.

Professional gay men told us a service like ours is not only needed, it would be preferred. Let us introduce you to another area gay professional that shares your age preferences, interests, standards, and quality of life. We’re here to serve select gay professionals regardless of where you live in the United States.  For more information visit our testimonials page, FAQ page and then Contact us today get started.

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