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Our Matchmaking Process

When H4M first started, we spent more than five months interviewing sophisticated gay professionals to find out what they want in a matchmaker. Since then, we’ve crafted a fine-tuned process that gets results. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Call: In this introductory meeting, we’ll discuss personality, lifestyle, dating history, family history, and personal and professional goals.

  2. Personal Interview: Qualified candidates will be invited to a personal 2-hour Skype interview with Certified Matchmaker Tammy Shaklee.

  3. Approval: Following background checks, approved candidates will be invited to become clients.

  4. Review Potential Matches: Since we conduct our business completely offline, clients receive personal phone calls to discuss all potential matches.

  5. Introductory Dates: Once both potential matches agree to meet, we will coordinate all arrangements for the first date, which will generally be something short and informal, like lunch or happy hour. And to make sure there’s no miscommunication, we send confirmation emails and day-of reminders.

  6. Post-Date Follow Up: Afterwards, we follow up with both matches to personally hear feedback.

  7. 2nd Date Coordination: Our process for the second date works much like the first, except it usually involves a longer outing, like dinner or a fun activity. It also concludes with one final feedback call, prior to the two parties scheduling the third date on their own.

Philosophy #1

What you seek is seeking you.

- Jalaluddin Rumi