Matchmaking Client Testimonials


In our work with clients from across the United States, and even internationally, we hear feedback that reassures us that we’re doing the right thing for our matchmaking clients. See what some of our clients are saying about us….

Denver Bachelor, 45: “Thanks for everything Tammy. I am lucky to have you as a matchmaker and advocate.”

Houston Bachelor, 35: “The skills that you shared with us at that event really helped us learn how to approach men at mixers and introduce ourselves. My friend has gotten so much better at meeting men.”

Austin Bachelor, 33: “I think about our meeting every day! I happened to meet a guy who lives in San Antonio. We went on one date and it was great. I took a lot of what you said about first dates in mind, and he wants another one, so we’ll see what happens!”

Oklahoma Bachelor, 46: “While I didn’t meet him through you, I would have never been able and ready to meet him without all you have done for me. I’m with a guy who chooses me back, has the same goals, and wants the same things.”

Dallas Bachelor, 35: “I had a GREAT time. I LOVED the process of what you do, and I had a great experience overall. I told some friends and said you guys have the overall fix-up blind date process down, and it was perfect. Love to do it again.”

North Carolina Bachelor, 58: “(In regards to a match) We talk every night. It’s my birthday. I’m going there. He’s got a whole weekend planned for me. I’m taking your advice to heart; we need people in our lives that are different from us. I’ve introduced him to all of the important people in my life; all good. This could be exciting for him and me in the future.”

New York Bachelor, 48: “He is lovely, and I’m glad I met him. And I am greatly appreciative of you arranging our first two dates.”

Alabama Bachelor, 55: “I love that you guys check in on me. I think this is a great service.”

Ecuador Bachelor, 37: “Thanks for the time and attention and experience. I honestly sit and wait with impatient direction from God through you.”

California Bachelor, 35: “Headline is that I liked him and would be interested to see where this goes. In particular, I liked his sense of humor and general thoughtfulness about the world.”

Chicago Bachelor, 25: “I really loved meeting with you all, and learned so much from you in our short meeting! Took your advice about short and sweet first dates, and going to apply that everywhere I go!”

Austin Bachelor, 28: “I’ve been thinking about you two at least once a week since my birthday. I am truly ready to start a relationship that will last a lifetime, and I keep coming back to how much I think you can help me.”

Dallas Bachelor, 36: “I do understand the realism of looking for the right guy and going past physical perfection. All of the men have been decent quality guys; I think you have vetted well.  So my hope is still up for finding the right person.”

Ft. Worth Bachelor, 55: “You did as well as we can probably do. Don’t know how ya’ll can get more specific. Gave me exactly what I wanted. It just comes down to me from here.”

San Antonio Bachelor, 33: “I’ve met my goal and lost the weight. (90 lbs!) I’m thankful that I hired you (as my matchmaker) because it was the catalyst I needed to get back in shape, and get back to being healthy. I’m really thankful that I did it. I feel so much better. Now I’m ready.”

Texas Bachelor, 24: “I will say, he is what I could consider a perfect match, so fantastic job there. And even if things don’t work out for us, I’m completely sold on H4M. I tell everyone about it.”


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