How many bachelors do you have in your system? How many Matchmaking Clients?

For years, more than 1,500 quality bachelors have been selected to remain active in the H4M database. We are proud to have interviewed men in more than 15 countries and dozens of states.

As a Certified Matchmaker, we sign a Code of Ethics with the International Matchmaking Institute which includes protecting everyone’s privacy. The beauty of the H4M business model is that we match based on compatibility, whether the bachelor is our client, or whether we’ve scouted him as a compatible match for a particular client. Every man we match has been through the same initial telephone interview, then completed the same personal interview with our team, and passed the same criminal background check, so as to be approved for a match.

How much does it cost to be an H4M Matchmaking Client?

There are two basic options. For example, with H4M headquarters in Texas, in-state clients have three matchmaking packages to choose from. For those bachelors outside of Texas, there is one matchmaking package. Packages are in the thousands, but not the tens of thousands.

What age range are your Matchmaking Clients?

While H4M initially anticipated matching men in the 30s to 50s, the reality is our matchmaking clients are as young as 23, and some are seeking a compatible partner in to their 70s. When you are ready to meet your equal in drive, activity level, key qualities and values, we are prepared to introduce you.

What type of men do you have?

H4M guarantees introductions of quality gay bachelors, also seeking a long-term relationship. Clients range in a variety of ages, ethnicities, education levels, professions and interests.

What is different about H4M Matchmaking?

As a true, offline and personal service, a human team is working for you each week, with only one business model – that of matchmaking for gay bachelors. As a result, the structure, dating rules, and management of the introduction is designed with busy men in mind. In fact, we’re the only company that manages the first two dates, with a feedback process in between. We also provide unlimited dating coaching for our clients, based on more traditional introductions, courting, and dating for today’s modern gay professional man.


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