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Your Intention for 2019?

by Tammy Shaklee, Relationship Expert and H4M FounderDecember 4, 2018
Your Intention for the New Year

This time last year, I remember vividly hearing folks refer to their intention for the new year. The word “intention” was rolling off tongues as the newest and hottest mantra. What was trending at the time? New author, article, social media viral sensations. Singles were talking about their vision board projects. Yes, last year at this time, the year ahead was seeming optimistically promising for many. The young, the determined, the hell bent to make their desires a reality.

Then what happened? Why did everyone then STOP talking about personal intentions? As the year shot off, where was the fork in the road? Was it the politics, policy, protesting, and overall disgust in all that has been going on in our country, among our people, and from the highest to the lowest of our leaders? Did the passion for progress, change, advocacy, and human decency take precedence? Rightfully so, in so many cases.

But what about us as quality, single individuals? While fighting for others, did we forget to fight for ourselves?

This evening, while completing a client’s complementary interview, I coached him to prepare for his first blind date introduction. He’s a strong, recognized, and passionate civil rights leader. He changes lives every day. He’s a young hero among many yet, he’s still a healthy, happy, patient single man seeking his special someone with which to spend his weekends and spare time. He’s wanting and deserving of his great guy with which to share life. Now it’s our job to help find that guy and, when it comes to the upcoming introductions, it’s his job to put his best foot forward. To share what hobbies, passions, and interests he finds fun, challenging, and rewarding. It is now his charge to be a great first date, and beyond.

As we make time in our daily life and calendar to fight for what’s right and should be right in our world, let’s not forget to concentrate efforts on our own personal charge (battle, drive, goal). The continued personal march to find the one person with which to share life, the good and the bad. The person to start your new year resolutions with, to come home to, share an entrée with, an upcoming birthday, holiday, cuddling during cold nights, and ordering take out during rainy weekends. Each day, we wake up to choices. Putting yourself first in your challenge to find your compatible partner is okay. I’m urging you to make yourself a priority here at year end and in the new 365 day calendar. When you find the one, the two of you can make a greater difference. Together.

Then take time to celebrate your accomplishments with a cozy, romantic brunch for two. How’s that for your 2019 vision board. Get on it.

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