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While we love to hear our clients report, “He’s for ME!”  You have to realize, that we also hear our share of “He’s a great guy, really great, but not the one for me.”

And that’s okay too.  It simply means we’re back to work, and on to your next match.  We handle the details of what some fear the most….rejection.  “Not for me” does not mean that you’re not a fabulous, eligible, single, smart, stable, and sexy man.  You are.  We’ve found the key qualities in you that matter, in order for you to be our client.  We must now introduce you to the right man that will recognize that in you.

Hiring a matchmaker means for us that you took the time to invest in you, your personal life, your future, and in finding love.  It means your heart and your mind are open to quality introductions until you find the one for you.  And it only takes ONE.  Matchmaking doesn’t come with a magic formula for “love dust” as is said in the industry.

We’ve all been on both sides of rejection.  We’ve turned “him” down and we’ve been turned down.  Did it end our world?  Absolutely not.  Okay, well, maybe at the moment, it seemed a major ordeal.  But not after moving on, meeting the next one, or after enough time passes.

The next line we hear?  “But I don’t want to him to feel bad…..”

Don’t worry…we got this.  We’re not only working on YOUR next match, but we’ll work on his too.  Each of you already has something to look forward to – your next match.

Right now, the take away is, you’re doing something, you’re taking charge of your love life, and being proactive in finding your special someone.  You’re not at home whining to friends and family.  You’re going on dates, taking a chance, and are determined to enhance your life with love.  It’s worth every effort.

Each of you deserves love.  There is someone for everyone.  Let us introduce you.

**But if you’re out there on your own and dealing with rejection today, enjoy our lil’ pick-me-up:

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Philosophy #7

Quality singles recognize the value in themselves.