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LOVE in the New Year

Another approaching New Year’s Eve, when we reflect on a year of good times, fun memories, and moments of “awwwww” in seeing friends’ FaceBook year in review. One ritual for some – scrolling through cell phone photos back to last January 1. Not recommended for texts, mind you, simply photos. You can’t help but also be real about some disappointments in the last year, some times when you wished you had a do over. And when you’re single, you think back to some dates you had, shouldn’t have had, wish you’d had, and even regretting those hours you’ll never get back.In our office, and in our personal interviews with eligible bachelors, we only look back for a few minutes. We spend the majority of our time looking forward, toward the future you hope to design for yourself.

So this NYE, we propose whether you’re home trying to avoid wasting too much time cruising online, or spending the evening with good friends who also want to hang out and avoid the crazies, we propose you stop looking back after the last line of Auld Lang Syne.

Now is the time, my friend, for going to beta on your version of Love 2.0.15. You’re in charge of this New Year, and new you. You’re responsible for your daily choices, actions, risks, feelings, and tackling your fears and insecurities.

For more than two years, we have professed and proven that He’s For Me coaches principles and techniques in seeking love through more traditional (offline) introductions, courting, and dating. We have clear rules, expectations, and shared accountability. It’s the opposite of the app, opposite of online “viewing” with no dating, and really the pendulum swing back to human action and interaction. Even when wonderful, eligible men complete our interview process, but still want to be their own matchmaker, we hear repeatedly how our dating advice is solid.

“I did everything you said,” according to one Houston bachelor, “and it’s working!” When we called him to check in, we asked about the man who complimented him at a corporate holiday party a year ago. “I didn’t give him my last name, didn’t let him look me up online. Since we met at what I would consider a networking event, I kept our conversation short and sweet, and exchanged phone numbers and first names only. We met for dinner, no sex, and started our relationship with traditional courting.”

Another successful professional from the valley tells us the same, “Finally, when I asked him out, I decided I’d follow your (H4M) rules of no sex on the first date, no sex on the second date, and Dutch treat short dates.” It set the foundation for anticipation, and a real relationship, and it worked.

Finally, just last week, two matchmaking clients from South Texas told us, “We both told each other we had wanted to text all day before our second date, but waited to see each other in person.” Each said they haven’t eagerly anticipated a dinner date that much ever, and agreed the rules exist for a reason.

Take charge of what LOVE looks like for you in 2015. If we’re not happy with our weight, we pledge to eat healthier, drink more water, and eat fewer calories. If we’re not happy with our look or feel, we commit to new and improved fitness efforts and actions. It’s largely what New Year’s resolutions are all about.

So why not take charge of your love life (or lack thereof)? Make a plan. Make a pledge. Set a goal. And if you’re interested in more traditional and proven methods that can make a difference immediately, contact H4M today. We’ll gladly share our Client Policies for introductions, courting and dating. We love LOVE, and want all singles to take steps to find their person. Let us help you with new direction.

We are fulfilled in believing we are changing lives – one date at a time. So, in January, get in that workout, enjoy that healthier lunch, drink those endless ounces of water, and get out on purposeful dates with your love goals in mind. Beginning….New Year’s Day.

For more information on traditional introductions, courting, and dating for today’s modern gay single, contact H4M—the offline, personal matchmaking service designed exclusively for those seeking a long-term relationship. You can also follow our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for inspiration on finding love. #loveislove

Philosophy #2

You deserve your person, whatever that looks like to you.

- Tammy Shaklee