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How to Marry a Millionaire

In taking inquiries from, and then interviewing, eligible gay men from Texas, the U.S. coast to coast, Norway, London, France, Switzerland, and Mexico, I have never once been asked to set a man up with a millionaire.  Neither from the ones that are, nor from the ones that couldn’t be farther from the ambitious financial milestone.

It doesn’t take a million to find the man that you deserve, a man of your caliber, a good guy that also wants man who is monogamous, trustworthy, honest, loyal, and caring.  Or does it?  It may not take a million dollars, but it can take millions of looks, likes, pokes, winks, views, clicks, and hours and hours, days, months, and yes, years.

As they say in the movie, men you meet among the cold cuts aren’t as attractive as the ones you meet in the men’s department.  Are you currently standing in line at the meat market?  Are you a suit hoping to meet a suit?  A techie wanting to meet a techie?  A professional, educated, responsible, driven, financially-stable and responsible man, hoping to meet the same? A man wanting a monogamous relationship, but searching online where every guy is clicking right past you and on to what he thinks is the next best thing?

Be honest with yourself.  You simply want a good guy, a quality man, with the values and qualities that are most important to you.  Who wouldn’t want a guy that you’ll be proud to eventually introduce to your family, your closest circles of friends, and perhaps someday to your fellow colleagues?

I challenge you today, to step away from the cold cuts, and tell a matchmaker exactly what you’re hoping to find in “the perfect man for you.”  He’s out there.  And he’s looking for you as hard as you are looking for him.  So step up, and do your part in seeking him.  Try something different.  Bet the modern day gay man that deserves a dignified way of meeting quality men that want what you want.  Clearly, what you’re currently doing (or not doing) isn’t working.

And as hopefully your future matchmaker, I too, will pledge to try something different.  Mention this blog…and I’ll throw in an extra match on any of our matchmaking packages through April 2014.  Feel free to email us directly at info@H4M.com or give us a quick call at 855-443-7463 today!

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Philosophy #7

Quality singles recognize the value in themselves.