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Another Gay Single Matched and Married!

by Tammy Shaklee, Relationship Expert and H4M FounderNovember 17, 2017
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Nothing beats a certified matchmaker’s voicemail, email, or live announcement to learn that a current or former client got engaged—or even married! That’s how this particular Matchmaker Monday began in our offices.

Nearly 10 years ago, I made the same call to my own matchmaker. After a surprising midnight proposal, as silver balloons fell onto the dance floor at Austin’s historic Mansion at Judges’ Hill (now named Hotel Ella) to ring in the new year. We woke up the next morning elated. It was barely 6 AM and too early to call our parents scattered about Texas and Oklahoma, but we were still giddy with adrenaline and had to tell someone. We called the matchmaking service we both used, knowing we’d at least get a chance to leave a voicemail. And we did. Together. Saying, “You can change the ‘on hold’ status for each of us to ‘engaged!’” We genuinely thanked them knowing we would have not met each other without them, and said we would send our friends their way.

This morning, as we check our messages and prepare for a day of live feedback calls with all of the gay and lesbian singles we introduced over the weekend, we played on speakerphone a surprising and sweet message. When I first saw our client’s name in our list of messages I thought, “Oh, no, he must be calling to go back to active status and off hold, because something long-term didn’t work out with that great guy he was seeing.” Nope–in fact, it was just the opposite!

When we met him, he was not really dating much at all. This stellar client had an impressive and amazing career—most accomplished in his field—but was generally unknown in his booming city. His matches went well, and he had been on hold before, dating another client we’d introduced him to. So we had high hopes he was ready for the one, but we did not anticipate these sweet words:

“Hey Tammy, this is your old client Scott, and I just wanted to update with the good news that I got married. Everything is great! Life is great! You can deactivate my account. Thank you for your help. I learned a lot working with your service. Thanks again.”

My goal is for every eligible single we work with—whether through matchmaking, dating coaching, or through our daily inspiration and encouragement—to eventually make this type of call to their friends, family, and loved ones.

If your first step in finding your lifelong match is to call us—it’s free, confidential, and can lead to the much-anticipated announcement of a lifetime. You deserve it. Let us help.

For more information on traditional introductions, courting, and dating for today’s modern gay single, contact H4M—the offline, personal matchmaking service designed exclusively for those seeking a long-term relationship. You can also follow our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for inspiration on finding love. #loveislove
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