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He’s For Me Is Born

Two business-casual(ly) dressed women met for a light salmon salad lunch at Austin’s restaurant Fino in the summer of 2012.  It will forever be the summer known for women starting most conversations with, “Have you yet read 50 Shades of Grey?  Really?  All three?!”  The two women were both accomplished professionals, had vibrant lives of adventure, travel, playing hard, entertaining, enjoying fine dining, vino, and had crossover circles of friends that could move mountains and solve problems.  They were both graduates of Leadership Texas that continued supporting the organization through leadership roles following graduation.

But that day, they talked about the ONE major thing they had in common.  They met their true loves through an offline matchmaking service.  They had both displayed the ultimate in patience by being multi-year paying clients, admitting that to each other for the first time.  The conversation turned from their single friends still working to find true love – to – their extraordinary circles of gay friends that seemed to have given up.  They discussed an array of amazing gay men professionals, mostly in Austin, but then in other Texas cities and beyond.  “How could these eligible men meet each other, since none wanted to go to gay bars or visit online gay dating sites?  It might not ever happen without us.  And if we know this many, there must be more, equally as impressive, fabulous, and available.”  Did gay men have the same opportunities for sophisticated, high end matchmaking?  Was there a service that could be strictly confidential, follow a code of ethics, and apply the same standards for modern day matchmaking for the gay professional?  If not, they would start it.  Research began within an hour.  Two satisfied clients set out to serve the underserved.  No one deserves to be alone.  Everyone deserves true happiness and companionship.  And ultimately, He’s For Me….was born.

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